Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Best Laid Plans Somehow Equal 1 Week In Bed

I wanted to come back and write consistently this time, however there is something about best laid plans. I have spent most of the last week in bed. I took February 14-17 off and traveled to Disneyland with my sisters and sister in laws. I came back with an unexpected horrible flu. I came down with it on the plane on the way back to Vancouver and last Thursday I was tested for both coronavirus, and influenza A, I am pleased to say I don't have the Coronavirus, which is terrifying even to think about given the world news, but I do, it turns out have Influenza A.

I have been in home isolation and advised to be away from the community until Monday March 2nd. I would not wish this upon anyone. I did not get my flu shot and there was little comfort in hearing that the strain that I do have was not covered in the flu shot from the fall. I have had days of high fever, cough and the untold horrors of mucus. I have open sores under my nose and in my mouth and throat, making it hard to eat. Saving grace is that I did have a pneumonia shot and the flu has not turned into pneumonia. I never ever want to be this sick again. 
I have not made a pot of tea or even a cup in a week, but I am starting to feel ever so slightly better and would love to get back to life. For now the universe says sit, sleep, sneeze and repeat. I will be sharing a bit about my trip in the coming days as my energy returns. Thank you for hanging in there with me and please, take care of yourselves!

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