Monday, April 6, 2020

Cinnamon Sugar Blueberry Banana Bread...

“Imagine all the wondrous things your arms might embrace if they weren’t wrapped so tightly around your struggles.”-Sheila Burke

Saturday I made this blueberry banana loaf from a recipe I was directed to on a friends Facebook page. Now  I used to bake everyday and I have not in quite sometime. I am also very conscious of using supplies I currently have on hand and rationing things so that I do not waste. I had three bananas in need of use and all the ingredient on hand so I proceeded with the recipe from

This recipe surprised me in that it only used two eggs and no baking powder. Also it did not have brown sugar in it either. It is a very dense and rich banana bread and one I am sure I would make again.  
For the recipe from the website please click here. 

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