Friday, July 10, 2015

Spell Casting In Silk By Juliet Blackwell A Book I Could Not Put Down.

Spellcasting in Silk by Juliet Blackwell arrived less then 24 hours ago at my front door. I pre ordered this book almost a year ago and anxiously awaited it's arrival from The Book Depository. I was so excited when it finally arrived and I to finally have it in my hands to read.
I sat down to read in my front yard under the Japanese Maple at about 3pm yesterday. By dinner time I was half way through and though the dishes are still not done from dinner last night I am thrilled to say the book is!
By 10:30 pm (well past my bed time) I closed the book.  If you have not read this Witchcraft Mystery Series I will tell you it is one I highly recommend. Juliet Blackwell is a fantastic writer who even scares me at times. I don't like to be scared very much but for this series I will say there were times I had to put the book in the Freezer. Not Spell Casting In Silk mind you, this one was not as frightening and a really good mystery. I was guessing until the end. This story has so many themes, trust, friendship, personal sacrifice for the good of all, and believing in ones self. The entire series is about being comfortable and confident in who you are on the path of finding yourself.
This series is about a Witch who finds a new life, new friends and whole bunch of trouble when she moves to San Fransico. I have read each story and waited like a child on Christmas morning for each additional story ever since finding an reading the first book Secondhand Spirits when I spun the racks at the library. I again offer as proof the first photo from my post today that Libraries do sell books!
Well now I am back to anxiously awaiting the next magical adventure in this book series and back to stalking the mail man! To order a copy of this book or the entire series may I recommend The Book Depository, with each order I get the most wonderful bookmarks like the one shown above, I swear personally selected for my taste! Click here for the Book Depository listing of Spell Casting In Silk.
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  1. I love your post, and all the extras that go with it.

  2. I admit I am behind in this series, but hope to keep catching up! I agree about the bookmarks from Book Depository--such a fun extra.