Friday, July 3, 2015

Two Tea Of The Month Clubs

There are 2 Tea of the month clubs I am familiar with and have enjoyed. Today I would like to share my experience with you.
Last year I participated in a Tea of The Month Club and I loved it. It was through a home party program with Steeped tea and every month I would get two 50 grm bags of tea in the mail. I loved getting it and I loved trying the different teas. The cost was $20 Canadian a month and if I was currently employed outside of the home I would again sign up for this program. Stepped Tea is not the only tea of the month service but they are one of the best. To find out how you can get your own tea of the month from Steeped Tea please click here.

Tea Sparrow is another great monthly tea service and a unique way of learning about different teas as well. Also $20 a month this service however includes 4 varieties of tea delivered to your door monthly. Click here to learn more about Tea Sparrow. Last year I attended the Tea Sparrow tea festival with my sister in law and I had a wonderful time, we sampled so many different teas that Tea Sparrow brought together from its suppliers both local and from all over the world. I found the teas I sampled through them were for a very sophisticated Tea palate and while delightful I did not find them as much fun as the Steeped Tea ones I received.
I would love to learn about your experience with tea of the months clubs so I invite you to share your experience with me.
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