Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Morning Rain Showers And Reflections.

Rainy West Coast Sundays are for cozy cups of tea, mysteries, fuzzy socks and the comfort of a constant companion. Well ideally that is. I am so very thrilled to have the rains return and revive our much needed foliage and more importantly my soul.
I had somewhat of an unsettling day yesterday and I do not much like being made a prisoner in my own home but a series of events over the last few weeks has caused wide spread panic in my idealistic neighborhood. The preceding events causing us to have to keep our doors and windows closed and locked.
Living here for the last few decades I have become accustom to the idea of safety and security and taken comfort in the ability to trust my neighbors, welcome visitors and fully enjoy all my community has to offer. That has quickly changed this summer with a series of break-ins, attempted home invasions and transient "binners" who are aggressive and threatening. Yesterday I was the unfortunate victim of one of these such events and people and I do not much like it. However I hold fast and firm to belief that this is a wonderful community and a great place to live, I will tell you though thoughts of moving have crossed my mind.
I love my community, fought hard to be apart of this community and put down my roots here. So when I had these feelings yesterday I had to really think about why this is happening here and what we can do about it. I do not like to feel idol or helpless so while I feel at a loss for what to do personally and for my community I do feel that at the very least I have finally been given a great motive and plot line for an up coming cozy or story....titles are swirling in my head. Now if I could just get them out of my head and down on paper or on to my computer...well I guess if we are going to have to stay inside and be locked in from the outside world until the bad guys are caught I may actually have time to do this. While home my door is always open and with the summer heat every window and door has been too but that has all changed now. Which makes me very angry.

Last night my wonderful mother in law took me with her to a friends birthday party which was very helpful at clearing my mind. I was reminded of the good in the world, the happiness of family,friends and the serendipitous opportunities to find courage and strength from the experience of others. It was good to be reminded of the bigger picture, the ability to find strength when you feel all is lost and to take comfort in the journey of others.

So as I sit here and write, ponder and sip my now third cup of sanity and strength I will bid you a fond farewell with the wish that you stay safe, happy and that you always have a great cup of tea and the perfect cozy mystery with you.
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  1. Hugs, it is always traumatic when your personal "safe" space is invaded. I hope everything goes back to normal for you soon.

  2. So sorry your security has been comprised, the world is getting dangerous. Some people can't even go to a movie, without the danger of getting shot. I, too, like you are secure in my neighborhood, we have some questionable people living a couple blocks away, but thank goodness we haven't had any problems, so far. But we stay on alert, shame we can't be as carefree as we were 30 years ago. Hope your life gets back to normal soon. ((Hugs))

    1. Thank you! It is really a shame how crazy things have gotten!