Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Thoughts and Shortbread From My Table To Yours...

As I write this it is just before 8 am. My house is almost silent. My house guests from the last three weeks have left and suddenly my family of 5 feels tiny. That happens when you go from a family of 5 to 12 for about three weeks. My sister and her family live in Montreal and they came for their summer visit, divided up their (4 plus one friend) for the last week. While my sister and her husband flew to England for the week. They left me the two oldest both 9 and then, on the last day their twins joined my family and then they arrived and my other sister brought their 2 year old son, on my lawn last night we had 12 children 7 adults and a loud, large family last supper before we drove them to the airport to fly home.
My brother in law kindly picks up shortbread for me on his buisness trips to England and this time he brought home a selection I had not had before. My sister picked up the Clotted Cream Shortbread from West Minster Abby for me ( the circle ones) and my Brother in law stopped in Scotland for the Shortbread House of Edinburgh Shortbread (the rectangle ones) which were by far the best. I do love my Walkers Shortbread and the Pure Butter ones which are the triangles are my stand by favorite and the recipe is different then what you can by here in North America.
So as I sit here and write the first post in weeks in silence I sip my tea and nibble the shortbread and write know that later today I will have time to read and share more again with all of you later with a full cookie jar and lovely pots of tea.
Thank you for joining me today for A Cup of Tea and some cozy Shortbread. I hope you enjoy your day.
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  1. I love shortbread. Sounds like you are savoring the quiet.