Thursday, April 7, 2016

One Last Good-Bye Book Two Of Joyce and Jim Lavene's Sharyn Howard Mystery

What a treat to have this book on my table this week. Joyce and Jim Lavene's One Last Good-Bye book two of the Sharyn Howard Mystery series did not disappoint.
There is a rhythm to the way Joyce and Jim write and with each book regardless of the series, it is as if I fall into the book and the real world ceases to exist. It is a wonderful and magical thing that happens when I read their work. I hope that you will find this to be the case as well when you pick up any of their wonderful stories.

Sheriff Sharyn Howard has her hands full. The county commission wants to cut her staff. Colonel John Metzger wants his brother's killer yesterday. And the Navy wants to be sure she comes up with the "right" answers to the town's new mystery. Add to that a lovesick deputy and her mother dating Senator Caison Talbot, one of Sharyn's least favorite people. But what really has her puzzled is the mystery everyone in town is talking about. Someone shot WWII Navy Captain William "Billy" Bost as he dipped his plane's wings to his sweetheart. The secret's been hidden for over half a century. Is it possible that the person who killed Billy Bost, Diamond Springs' most famous hero, is also the same person who killed the Pulitzer prize-winning author looking for the truth? 
Strong female lead, amazing mysteries that intertwine, great characters and a perfect cozy setting. I can not explain just what a treat it is to have just finished reading this fantastic cozy. I tried to read it slowly so I could savor it, but I found that when I put it down I worried about it, thought about it and could not wait to get back to it. Finally finished it last night with a tear and a sigh . I loved it.
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