Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tea Cups and Carnage By Lynn Cahoon Out June 7th

You can imagine just how exciting it was for me to be approved to read an advanced copy of Lynn's newest Tourist Trap Mystery Tea Cups and Carnage. Some how judging by the cover I knew it would not be hard to see myself in this particular cozy.

Out June 7th this story doesn't disappoint with all the excitement in the new store opening, a new food truck and the town enjoying a busy summer season and relationships heating up, I hope you are going to enjoy this cozy as much as I did. I love Lynn's writing and this series is a great one. I was so delighted to find a tea shop moving into town in  Tea Cups and Carnage. I loved the that this plot line had so much going on. I really felt apart of the story and emotionally involved.
You can order Lynn's new book Tea Cups and Carnage by clicking here. 
Learn more about Lynn and her writing by visiting her website here.
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