Friday, June 10, 2016

Convicted Witch By Willow Monroe

On Saturday night I sat down and read Convicted Witch by Willow Monroe, I purchased and down loaded this book a few months ago and finally sat down to read it. I was so glad I did, this was a very fun paranormal cozy that I honestly can say I did not think would end the way it did. This fantasy, witchy, paranormal cozy surprised me in such a good way! I really loved the story and it was a fun and fast read.
It now has a new cover which I actually like better but the old one photographed nicely! This story no matter the cover was a great escape. The new cover is shown below.

Trinket’s life is on track to be fabulous...until the moment when her mother screws up yet another magic spell and gets them banished from Earth by a sexy mysterious agent of the A.S.S. (Abnormal and Supernatural Security). Now she’s in Jagged Grove, a town that doesn’t actually exist, to serve out her sentence by teaching a young witch named Maggie how to be a healer. It could be a piece of cake, except for the fact that Trinket once killed somebody trying to heal them and she vowed to never practice her magic again.Oh, and when she gets there Maggie is dead, and it might be murder. Now, with the help of a too-sexy werewolf, an elegant vampire and her sweet but unhelpful mother, Trinket has to figure out what happened to Maggie and find a way home before her real life crumbles away to nothing. 
I love a book with a great familiar too! (Above my own cat Squirrel and I shown above have what I like to think is that kind of familiar relationship)  This book really was fun and surprised me, not a cat in this cozy but an Owl, which I think is pretty awesome! Check out Convicted Witch by clicking here for the Amazon listing.
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