Monday, June 27, 2016

Knit To Be Tied by Maggie Sefton

 Knit To Be Tied by Maggie Sefton  came out June 7th and it was a great summer read. With perfect timing and having in the end of summer this is a great story with a lot of heart. This series has a great group of characters readers like I have gotten to know and love over the years, this was a read that felt more like a visit with friends then a mystery book. I enjoyed the story, the community feeling and the family themes in this story. I know that others who enjoy this series are going to find this one one of their favorites. Maggie's book had me itching to get back to knitting too, I would love a knitting circle like the Lambspun Knitting shop!

In Fort Connor, Colorado, the friends at the House of Lambspun knitting shop are welcoming a new face into the fold. Shy, sweet, and pregnant Nancy Marsted would like to knit a baby hat, and the Lambspun ladies are more than happy to show her the ropes. They share their own pregnancy yarns and soon learn the father of Nancy’s baby isn’t quite the man she dreamed he was. He’s a cad. Then one dark night a speeding car fatally mows down the dad-to-be and strikes a cyclist, spinning the town into a frenzy. Everyone worries that a crazed killer is on the loose. Now it’s up to Kelly and the gang to put down their needles and cut to the chase before the culprit is driven to kill again

I made 4 hats while reading Knit to Be Tied, not bad at all I think. To learn more about this great knitting series by Maggie Sefton please click here for her author website. 

To order your own copy of Knit To Be Tied please click here from Amazon.
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  1. I belong to a crochet group and I love getting together with everyone once a month. Knitting groups seem few and far between these days, maybe I need to start my own group.

  2. That's so awesome that you knitted hats while you read the book.