Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mystic Murder by Kennedy Chase

Sunday afternoon in the wonderful pre summer heat I read Mystic Murder under the shade of the tea tent. My friend had given me the most wonderful tea candle repurposed cup and in a vase I floated some of the roses that still bloom, almost six years after my mothers death. I am still amazed at how the world keeps turning day after day with so much chaos, sadness and strife in the world and yet nature still finds away. I like to think that I have taken a page from natures book and try very hard to find the beauty in the everyday moments, take time and make time for such events.

I purchased Mystic Murder from Amazon a few months back, but only got around to reading it last weekend.  This was actually the third Witchy paranormal cozy I read last weekend. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the main character was in her late 40's a refreshing change for sure! I liked the story and the idea of three witchy sisters living a complicated existence in a tiny east coast town.
Grace Angelo, born and bred in the small coastal town of Crystal Cove is a retired detective… and a witch. She works with her two elder sisters at their old guesthouse converted into a bakery — until the body of the local bar owner is discovered inside their oven. Faced with mounting bills and no way to fulfill the contract for a huge banquet, Grace has her work cut out for her. Using her magical abilities, and the help of her unusual pets, Grace must find the killer and save the family business if she and her two sisters are to have a future in Crystal Cove. A Mystic Murder is the first in a new cozy witch murder mystery series by the best-selling mystery author Kennedy Chase. It does not contain any violence, sex, or profanity but instead features teasing clues, a puzzle the reader can play along with, and adorable animals. 

I loved the cover of this book and while I did enjoy the story it was not my most favorite witchy cozy series, it has the makings of what could be a truly good series but I would have to read on to see if I am right. I liked the cozy familiar cat and dog in the story, but wont spoil what they bring to the mystery. 

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  1. Sounds like a good book. I haven't read any of the books in this series yet. Thanks for your review.