Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Namasthe Tea Company

Today I would like to share a bit about a local tea company that I had the pleasure of learning about at the tea festival here in Vancouver over the weekend. The Namasthe Tea Company from Whistler British Columbia.
The presentation at this table was truly reflective of the company and the area this tea company is based. I was very pleased with the sensory approach of this tea company took and it got my attention right away!
Just take a look at this photo above and imagine being able to experience this tea on a very tactile and special way. I find it fascinating that this company forages for season ingredients in and around Whistler to add to many of their blends!
After tasting two of their tea blends at the table I was so impressed I asked for one of the business cards, I was then asked "Sure which would you like?" I was puzzled and she said, "My tea is my business card" then offered me some from her selection. I chose this mornings Fresh Tracks Breakfast Tea, which is delicious.

You can learn more about Namasthe company by clicking here to visit their stunning website. 
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