Saturday, November 12, 2016

On My Table and In My Cup November 5th-12th

Saturday morning and a bit of a later start for me today. We are to move in a a short while and I was up wrapping my china until the wee hours. I have been so busy I have yet to start this upcoming March release by Kirsten Weiss.

I did finish Ellie Alexander's A Batter of Life and Death earlier in the week, I was thrilled with it. Kicked myself for leaving it at an appointment on Tuesday and had to run back the next day and thankfully they had it. I was able to finish and review it, however I was not able to read on election night as I had wished.
I enjoyed Janice J. Richardson's second book in her Spencer Family Funeral Home series. It was a difficult week this week for some close families of mine loosing loved ones this past week, this series is incredibly comforting if you are someone who has ever lost someone close.  

A week ago I was at the Tea Festival in Vancouver and this weeks tea time adventures have been wonderful. I picked up and purchased several teas to try and have enjoyed a few this week.
Whistlers own Namasthe tea company joined my morning tea ritual this week. I enjoyed their breakfast blend and their booth at the festival so much! This is a tea to add to my rotation for sure.
One of the most exciting discoveries I had at the tea festival is the Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea company, the taste of their teas were outstanding, crisp, fresh and invigorating. I am looking forward to seeing this company grow.
Yesterday we took time to honor the memory of all those who have fought for the freedom we so richly enjoy and those who continue to do so in these uncertain times. It is my hope you enjoy your weekend and that you will join me again here tomorrow of a cup of tea and a cozy review.
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  1. I wish our town did a tea festival that sounds cool, great blog today thanks