Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1st And All Is Well, Advent Calendar Ideas Anyone?

How did we get here already, November 1st?

As I live in Canada we had Thanksgiving in early October so my mind is very busy with packing boxes for our up coming move to who knows where (Dear Universe please intervene) and thoughts of Christmas!
Click here for this listing on Rose Clip Art Etsy Shop

The lead up to Christmas is my favorite and a huge part of that has always been in that anticipation and those lovely advent calender's! Every year but this one for the last 6 years I have done an Advent Tea Swap, I have not signed up for any this year as I have lots going on here but I may make a few up even for myself.

If you want to make some of your own this year here is some great ideas I have found on Etsy. First is this great printable for tea advent calender's! This is a PDF listing and one that would work well for tea and book lovers! Click here for the listing from Rose Clip Art 

Another pretty DIY calendar I think would work well is this listing from Give It Pretty Etsy Shop! Everything you need accept the tea! I love the simple beauty in this listing.

While I pack my boxes today I am going to be thinking about how to make a few really fun advent Calender's up this year! I hope you don't mind the post today with all the trick or treating yesterday I did not have much time for reading!
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