Friday, November 10, 2017

Fancy Friday Finds For The Love of the Cat

Welcome to this weeks Fancy Friday Finds. My week has pretty much been about Cats, Books & Tea and so that is the theme of this Friday's post. OUr Cat Mia, who is two had surgery to save her life and her leg. Truth be told we thought it would be more humane to save her life, though she has made it quite clear she disagrees. While she is healing, she is very unhappy with life and if you don't believe cats get depressed well, she most certainly is, when she is not trying to get revenge on me for doing everything I can to ensure her healing process.  I really love this T-shirt and if like me you do too you can find it at The Plaid Deer Etsy site by clicking here.
This is a photo of Mia, plotting her revenge just after I put this new cone on her, inflatable, supposed to stay on and not be easy to get off, she has had it off 6 times, this is cone number 3, she is not amused...
I shared that photo of Mia so you would understand why I am sharing this pin, it is actually from an Etsy shop with some truly unique items! Click here to see the Disabilies Etsy Shop...I may have to get this one! 

Mia is mostly confined to a dog crate for her recovery but she is allowed out to use the litter box and do some walking around, she tries to escape by waiting by the door, just before I put her back in her confinement, we really hope her fur grows in soon! She will likely feel much happier...
I found this hand painted cat teacup and saucer which I love and wished I had found for the Release Party of Sarah Fox's new Pancake House Mystery, Of Spice and Men, it totally looks like the cat on the cover!
You can find this and other truly lovely sets  in the Dariacustomdesigns Etsy Shop by clicking here. 

Thank you for joining me for this weeks Fancy Friday Finds and a check up on Mia! Hope she will be back to being my reading partner again soon! 
I love having you join me for a cup of tea each day, and I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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