Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Irish Countrywoman's Association Book Of Christmas

Whether we like it or not Christmas is running full speed ahead of us and I feel like at times if I don't start running I will miss the train to Christmas town. It sneaks up every year and I will be honest most years recently I have struggled to find that so called Christmas Spirit, that once I seemed to be obsessed with. I want to look upon Christmas with the same eyes of a child again, however that magic seems to elude me more often than not. These days I find that rather than the constant enthusiasm I once had for Christmas, is more subdued. Spirit that once shaped my childhood and captured my breath, is perhaps not as strong.  When I do feel it, that is when I am very lucky enough that the spirit of Christmas moves me, it does so more as a gentle breeze than the hurricane of yesteryear.  So I look for new things and ways to reclaim the holiday, and recapture the spirit. I found last spring a book put out by The Irish Countrywomen's Association and I enjoyed it so much, that I went online to see if they had any others. I found The Book of Christmas. When it arrived, I found, that between the pages magic could be found and that even though it was just past Easter, this was a book I would enjoy for years to come.  This book is a collection of stories, recipes, poetry, crafts, history and memories from women just like me and their secrets on how they celebrate Christmas. With lovely photos and a wonderful ribbon bookmark this is a great gift for yourself or someone you may know who may need an uplifting holiday gift.

My interest in this series stems from finding out in 2015 what my heritage is. Through DNA I was able to solve part of my own mystery of who I am and where my mother came from. She passed away in 2010 and never knew who she was or where she came from. She was adopted at age 5 and it all remains a mystery to this day. My mother however always identified with books, movies and stories about Ireland. She always wanted to go there. I know that she would have felt very emotional to have had it confirmed that she was Irish, had she lived long enough for that technology to become accessible. Finding my heritage was not just important to me it was a gift and a victory. So I find that I too am drawn to the Irish and their stories, because now I know they are my stories too.
Since my mother's passing, I have had to find a new normal, take back the holidays even when I did not want to celebrate anymore. I am getting there. It is still hard and it may always be, but I keep trying to reclaim that magic. This book has helped me do a little more of that!

Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a (preholiday) holiday book review. 
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