Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Curious Affair of The Witch At Wayside Cross by Lisa Tuttle

Sometimes I get to review a book and series that stays with me long after I finish it for me it is the series of Jesperson & Lane, by Lisa Tuttle. In book two The Curious Affair of The Witch At Wayside Cross I found I was even more engrossed and enchanted by this Victorian times mystery. With amazing main characters who are an unlikely pair of private investigators reminiscent of  Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, but with hints of the paranormal and mysteries that you can not wait to have solved. 
The first book in the series I could not put down and it was very much the same with book two. It was entertaining, enlightening and eclectic. Wonderfully woven mysteries, characters that make you think and a time period that lends itself so well to mystery and discovery this is a series that I can say is now one of my most favorites and I am so looking forward to reading about their next adventures. 

The Witch at Wayside Cross is out November 28th and you can find it for pre-order by clicking here from Amazon. 
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