Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Adventures in Sewing For Ken Dolls With Doll Tag Clothing

It has been an odd day, I have had trouble sleeping through the night and did not get my usual morning routine in, the day was off for pretty much everyone I was in contact with today and I am really grateful to have gotten through the day and be able to share some exciting to me news.
You might not know that before I had my tea and cozy blog, I wrote a very successful doll blog, for about 8 years. I was also a craft editor for Doll Diaries in the USA and I wrote and designed kids friendly crafts that could easily be done to enhance doll play. I stepped back due to some family issues and I truly miss it. I have several nieces, and the doll work I did was never wasted. I did a fair amount of work around 18 inch dolls like American Girl. I have two nieces who are currently into Barbie and it is a thrill for me as I have never out grown my enthusiasm for all things Barbie.
I did pattern testing during my doll craft years as well and one of the companies I worked with was Doll Tag Clothing. I am grateful to the friends I made through my work on Doll Diaries and my Doll Craft blog. I am excited to pattern test a new pattern for Ken dolls. I set out to safely acquire some new models as I learned from Liese at Doll Tag Clothing that the newer Kens are differently proportioned to some of the older Kens, I was lucky to add two models to my collection today.

I was really surprised with the Fashionista Ken doll that I picked up, he has long Barbie like hair, which I was surprised to find was really crunchy when I took him out of the package. I wonder with brushing if it will be more like Barbies. The Ken doll on the right is one I have had for a few years and whom I found at my local Dollarama store, he was $4, the other two were $10. This evening I printed and cut out the pattern pieces and then cut out three sets of PJ's for these Ken dolls. I am a craft sewer and self taught so I am hopeful that I can handle this pattern. I know I can do pants, I am sure of that, however I am a bit more worried about doing a collared top, especially never having done one and on this small scale. I am however up for the challenge,  I am also really excited to have something to spend time doing where I am not tied to my phone or computer.
Thank you for allowing me to share a bit about how I am coping each day. If you are interested in checking out my Doll Blog it is Karenmomofthreescraftblog and you can find it by clicking here. 
To learn more about Doll Tag Clothing Patterns please click here. 

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