Sunday, May 17, 2020

Carol J. Perry's Murder, Take Two

I stayed up late last night to finish Murder Take Two, the tenth book in the series, by Carol J. Perry. This Witch City Mystery is a favorite series of mine and I was so excited to get to read read and ARC on Net Galley. It is the main character Lee whom I felt such a connection to from page one book one. I never felt as connected to a character as I did her, I loved her back story and her interests, her aunt and her cat. The setting of Salem is very well and realistically incorporated, from the true sights around Salem Massachusetts to the fictional Tabby school, I loved every second of this book. Lee is an investigative reporter, and former instructor at the Tabby, she lives with her Aunt and drives an amazing red corvette. She was Orphaned young, widowed young and has an amazing resilience that is needed in all great cozy mysteries, but there is more to her than just her instincts to solve crime and bounce back from whatever life throws at her. She is generally just a happy person, clearly someone who was blessed with a keen sense of who she is despite what situations she finds herself in.
 What I loved about this mystery is the way that the author incorporated the history and mystery of the most beloved game of clue, a true life horrific mystery and the almost perfect impossible to solve crime. I struggled with having to put this book down. I love this series so much. A great read and I can not wait for the next one.

When a copycat killer has reporter Lee Barrett brushing up on ancient history, it’s a test where failure could be lethal . . . As a Salem, Massachusetts, native, WICH-TV field reporter and amateur sleuth Lee Barrett is well versed in the region’s lore. So when the murder of revered local professor Samuel Bond resembles a killing from almost two centuries ago, everyone is on edge. Especially assistant professor Cody McGinnis . . . Not only did Cody have differences with Bond, he even taught a course on the historic murder. And when his fingerprints and ladder are found at the crime scene, the police are certain of his guilt. Cody’s family, however, believes otherwise and asks Lee for assistance. Now, with the help of her clairvoyant cat, O’Ryan, her tech-savvy librarian aunt and housemate Ibby, and Pete Mondello, her handsome detective beau, Lee will delve deeper than ever into Salem’s past—and into her own psychic gifts—to find the real killer—before someone else is history . . .

This book is out in August and you can preorder now and you can find it on Amazon by clicking here. (I am not an amazon affiliate) 

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