Sunday, June 21, 2020

Fathers Day and A Few Cups Of Tea

Today is Fathers day and the second for me with out my dad. I expected things to be a bit easier and I think in some ways they are now that the day is here but the reality is the last two weeks with the emails and adverts for fathers day did make me have feelings of frustration, anger and sadness.
For my sons fathers, I helped them make a shirt for their dad and the are spending the weekend at his place.

Personally though, I still cant seem to bring myself to visit my parents memorial site, or my brothers, for me I know they are not there and I don't feel pulled to go visit, I feel guilty about that but perhaps I am just not ready.

The week has pretty much gotten away from me as school wraps up for the boys. I have not done much reading, crafting or baking. Just been in survival mode.

I have plans and exciting news though on the Vintage Trailer I am working on though, she goes for her make over paint job this week and I am so excited. I promise and update with photos soon.

Thank you all for hanging in there, for talking a pause when you need it, by allowing me to share my  journey with all of you and for joining me here for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery.

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