Sunday, June 28, 2020

Up Date on My Tea Trailer

For those of you who are new here, due to Covid-19 I lost my job, which was in a tea shop, and which I loved. On the day I lost my job, I purchased this 12 foot 1964 Vanguard Trailer. Putting in motion my long had plans of turning it into a mobile tea shop and tea room. I have put years of imagination into making this dream become a reality and while acquiring the trailer was only one part of the plan, phase two has already begun.
I will be changing her colors completely and this is the red I selected for the bottom. A friend commented on the name as "redo20" as in "redo 2020" I think many of us would love a do over. But while I anxiously await her makeover from the shop. Behind the scenes have been even busier.
There were uniforms to consider and purchase....
A young and enthusiastic design team, who came up with the name and the logo, hand drawing then making a computer rendering, and sending me messages with their hard work, which I fell in love with and set out to create the merchandise and uniform tops to compliment the bottoms.
 The test kitchen has been in full swing as well, trying out recipes and menu planing...
Taking advantage of the fruits of the season being available to us we tried out strawberry shortcakes...
and now we wait for the paperwork, the painting, the fun that stands to come, from our Timeless Tea Trailer.
Thank you for joining us for a cup of tea and an update on the tea trailer. We hope to share more goodnews with you again soon.


  1. Oh my goodness, Karen, I just love this!!! Wishing you the best of success as you launch your new business!

  2. Amazing! Good luck! Can't wait for more updates!