Thursday, June 11, 2020

Carving out a bit of normalcy and supporting local thrift stores in my area...

Yesterday was Prince Philip's 99th Birthday, shown here in my morning photo from yesterday, in my favorite photo of the Queen and her husband, I hear reports that even at 99 he is still making her Majesty laugh. In this photo I have one of my recent thrift store finds, you see the local thrift stores have just re opened and I have already found some great treasures.
I could not leave this Coronation Cup from the Queen's Coronation, on the thrift store shelf and paid $5 to have it on my table, I love Corgis and this made me smile, I used it as a vase yesterday but it is also a great cup.
 Yesterday I took a me moment and ducked into one of my favorite thrift stores and picked up this beauty for my pen pal and tea leaf reading friend in Alberta, the cup and saucer were $2.99, I cannot wait to ship it to her.
For my trailer and tea shop on wheels in progress I got a great deal on a three tiered tea tray, which is metal and adorably painted, for $14.99, it had is price tag from Winners still attached at $24.99, I washed it up better than new and can't wait to take it to the tea trailer, name still in progress.
 For the find of the week though has to go to my Silver Birch, Royal Albert tea tray, sugar and creamer find! $19.99!!!!
This week things have started to feel more normal with a few more shops and services opening here where I live but please know I am following the precautions,  supporting local and sustainable business in my community. I am also not unaware of the climate of stress, anxiety and frustration that is all around us. Political, Riots, Protests and the state of the world are not lost on me, I understand that I will never understand, I am listening and educating myself, supporting where I can to make the difference I would like to see in my area, and I am still carving out a bit of happy, self care and time for personal progress.
Thank you for taking time to join me for a cup of tea, some great thrift store tea finds, and a hope and change for a better tomorrow.
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