Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Room With A Brew by Joyce Tremel

I received A Room with A Brew on Monday afternoon and quickly settled into read book three of the Brewing Trouble Mystery by Joyce Tremel. This is a cozy mystery series based in Pittsburgh and it centers around main character Max who is the 6th child and only girl in an Irish Catholic family, and she just happens to be a brewpub owner and craft beer maker.  In book three her relationship with her new boyfriend and long term crush heats up when his ex-fiancee comes into town.
With the Oktoberfest festivities about to begin at the brew house, Max hires a oompah band, after hearing them play and a chance encounter with one of the band members and Max's friend Candy, Max finds herself wrapped up in a complicated mystery, not what she needs at this busy time of year but not something she can give up on either. Fierce and loyal and to curious for her own good Max finds herself in a heap of trouble, but boy is it ever a fun read!
This one is out Tuesday October 3rd and is published by Berkley.

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