Saturday, September 23, 2017

On My Table and In my Cup September 16-September 23rd

First chapter, hook line and sinker, wishing I could put the world on hold to have read this one in one sitting. Still working my way through it, wishing time would stand still, knowing when I finish it I will have to wait that much longer for the next one. Ellery Adams is one of my most favorite authors and this subject  is right up my alley!

This book by Linda Lovely is out near the end of October and I finished this one and dreamed all about it, review for this one will be out October 1st. 
Oh what fun to have had Barbara  Early's book to read and finish this week, review coming up soon. Loved this toy themed cozy.
I read and enjoyed Canal Days Calamity this week by Jamie M. Blair, a dog lover's delight for sure.
I got a sweet surprise in my mailbox from Karen K this week, I love Doctor Who as you may know and she kindly sent me the above books! My kids were as excited as I was! I also got to break out my Doctor Who themed Teacup I had made...see the tiny tardis on the saucer.  Each cup of tea is really like a Tardis, the flavor is so much bigger on the inside....Tea in the cup is Carrot Cake by Murchie's...

In my cup this week I have had my lovely Murchie's Black Tea but I have also had their new Rooibos Tea called Carrot Cake. I went in store to get more of the Black tea and while there they were sampling the Carrot Cake one which I normally would not go for but it smelled so nice and it had full flavor, it tasted to me more like a coffee cake my mom used to make and I loved it.

Great flavor, color and taste, this one really surprised me. Find out more by clicking here. 

If you missed my post on Wednesday, it is the one where I shared my photos from my annual witches tea. I really am so grateful to my friends for joining me year after year and making this such a fun event. You are never too old to have a fancy dress party and I hope that next years will be even larger and include more friends!

Thank you for joining me for this weeks look back at what has been on my table and in my cup. I love having you join me and hearing from you. Please leave me a comment below or email me at

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