Thursday, November 30, 2017

My Nanowrimo Report...

Today is the last day of Nanowrimo and I actively participated for about the first week. I did not make the required word count, nor did I finish a novel, this month but I did however learn quite a bit about myself and my writing. For those of you who do not know Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month.

One of the things I have learned that unless something huge happens and I develope the ability to magically control time, the time I have for writing has to be made. Not magically found,  and as I can not seem to get a hold of controlling time, the writing I do most is my blogs, and that is okay.

I learned that each word does count because it is one more word closer to me improving my writing which is really a huge struggle for me. I am improving, daily. Except for punctuation, run on sentences, compound words and the ADHD nature of writing the way I think and speak. But hey that is what editors are for.

I learned that I have many stories to tell, great ideas and that if I think of it just before falling asleep even though I know that won't remember it, I still can convince myself I will and I will wake up and the amazing thought, story idea or plot twist is now gone.

In all seriousness this month through my own writing I have found great support from my sisters in crime chapter SinC-Canada West. All month long, save for one day where I forgot to hit publish I posted a quote and image of encouragement for my 19 fellow siblings who also participated. Through these posts I found great advice and strength.

 Above is my favorite. You see I choose to cold write each time and I have learned that while this helps me get the ideas out, it doesn't always lead anywhere and I think I really am starting to realize where I am going wrong. Maybe wrong is not the right word but where my story derails...

This month however, in addition to writing and not writing a novel, I have read more, organized more authors in November and set up Events for the entire month of December. Published daily on two blogs, two instagram accounts, 4 facebook pages and monitored each of said places I wrote. I have attended meetings, helped to organize a hockey team pub night, advocated for the needs of my children at school and in the community, helped other parents in the community do the same for theirs, made 5 batches or 102 Indoor S'mores for the  cookie party I hosted and held for 20 of my closest friends and that on November 30th I am tired but proud even though I did not finish writing a novel, I still loved Nanowrimo 2017. Maybe next year I will meet all my marks, write that novel.

 Thankfully December starts tomorrow and all that hard work in November will make the blessedly stressed November all that more worthwhile.
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a look back at my lack of progress or my amazing progress of Nanowrimo 2017. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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  1. You are an avid reader, so I suspect your book(s) will be brilliant!