Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Vancouver Tea Festival Report

Sunday I attended the second of the two day tea festival in Vancouver with my amazing friend Daniela! This was the second year it was at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen gardens in Vancouver and such a fun event!
The first booth we stopped at was Trudy Ann's Chai & Spices, by far the most fragrant booth of the festival and one where we spent quite a bit of time and picked up a few different teas. I went home with her Tumeric tea which I have already been enjoying. I can not wait to try the peach tea we got as well.
There was a large crowd but even a larger assortment of teas and tisanes that were offered. I also was happy to see two of the tea of the month clubs present and the local Vancouver tea sellers.
My favorite booth of the festival was the Steeped Tea booth. I love Steeped tea and I learned so much from Layne! I have never claimed to be a fan of matcha, but Layne made me love it. She blew my mind with her Strawberry Matcha Orange Juice infusion and then told me about the way she used Matcha to make salad dressings and Earl Grey tea to make a beef dish. I love how Steeped tea is expanding and how they help at home sellers make a life and a living. I was so thrilled to see their Advent Calendar and even more excited to have it on my table waiting for December 1st!
I picked up quite a few fun new teas while at the show and so far I have had Trudy Ann's tea, and The Tea Guy's Creamy Earl Grey. Loved both so much!
To learn more about The Vancouver Tea Festival please click here, they are already planning ahead for next year and I can not wait to be there myself!
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  1. Thank you sooo much!!! Just saw this. Trudy Ann (Chai Lady)