Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Cup Of Tea and A Visit With Lynn Cahoon And Her New Book A Story To Kill

Today I am so thrilled to have Author Lynn Cahoon join us to talk a bit about her new book A Story To Kill!

KMOT: While writing A Story To Kill, what sustained you? Coffee, Tea or something else?
LC: Since most of my writing time is early morning, coffee. I love a cup of dark, black brew at my right hand, even if I let it grow cold as my fingers are flying over the keyboard. If I'm writing later in the day, I'm a big sparkling water fan. Dasani is the flavor of the month, but I really LOVED Seagram's flavored waters back when I could get them. 

KMOT: What was the motivation to write a new series based in Colorado?
LC: I started thinking about the new series on a road trip back home to Boise. As it's 1600 miles plus, I had a lot of time to think. I knew I wanted somewhere different than South Cove, so I knew it would be in the mountains. I already have a romance series set in Idaho, so I picked somewhere I wanted to visit--at least in my imagination. 

KMOT: Have you ever been on a writing retreat, like the one in A Story To Kill?
LC: Not a formal one. I have issues with the time commitment. But when I went to Chicago in May, I built my own writer's retreat. I ordered in room service, plumped up the pillows on the king sized bed and started writing. Even with the four-hour panel and meet and greet, I got 10000 words that weekend. So I'm sold on the usefulness. Now I just have to find one that fits my schedule. 

KMOT: Where does the inspiration for main character Cat come from?
LC: Catherine - the girl who thought she chose the wrong Mr. Right.  I guess, her pain at the betrayal from her ex-husband, that's all me. But her gumption to rebuild her life after getting the first try kicked out from under her, that's a reflection of my sisters. Each have fought for and maintained their individuality while building a relationship that works. I love writing strong women and I want Cat to find her happiness even if she takes a few missteps along the way. Or maybe it's those missteps that teaches us how to be happy. 

KMOT: How do you pick names for your characters?
LC: First I pick a 'J' name and then I realized it's a J name and I change it.  I do love my J's. In my first published book, The Bull Rider's Brother - I had brothers James and Jesse, and a kid, JR. 

Honestly, I try to change it up. Sometimes I go to baby names and look at different starting letters. Sometimes I look at who I want the character to be and try to find a name that represents that feeling or emotion. Cat's name came mostly because I've always loved the nickname. But I was also writing Castle View that has a big cat sanctuary in book one, so maybe subconsciously I wanted another Cat. And I try to make it fit the age of the character. Like Daisy and Rose, in A Story to Kill. They are of an age where their mother would have thought it cute to name her daughters after flowers. 

As someone who has a cute name that turned deadly in high school, I'm very careful with picking the exact right name for the story.

Thank you Lynn for joining us today and sharing about your fantastic new book and series! 
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