Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Fatal Twist Of Lemon By Patrice Greenwood

Friday night I finished A Fatal Twist of Lemon by Patrice Greenwood. I feel like this series was written just for me. I am seriously in awe of the way Patrice Greenwood wrote this mystery and this series is now very dear to my heart. I did not willingly put this book down. I felt so involved, so invested in this tea room, the mystery and the characters so rich and diverse! An old Victorian, A Haunted Tea Room, an unexpected murder, recipes that feel like they jump off the page and right into your stomach. Yes this is a series for me. If you are a tea and cozy mystery lover you should have this book and series on your table and in your heart.

"Cops drink coffee." They don't belong in Ellen Rosings's Victorian tearoom. But when her opening day thank-you tea ends in the murder of the president of the Santa Fe Preservation Trust, the police invade her haven. Enter Detective Tony Aragon: attractive and unsympathetic, with a chip on his shoulder that goes beyond the murder investigation, and Ellen's delicate bone china cup is full. Is the murderer one of her honored guests, or the ghost rumored to haunt the building? Will Ellen solve the mystery, or will the Wisteria Tearoom's premiere turn out to be its - and Ellen's - finale?

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