Friday, September 16, 2016

E.J. Copperman's A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery Book 1 Night of the Living Deed Review

Last Saturday I finished Night of the Living Deed by E.J. Copperman while we were away in Ucluete (You-Q-Let) BC for a Surf Camp weekend for our boys. Having this book with me to read was a wonderful treat. My partner from Buy A Friend A Book Day sent me this from my wish list and now I can not wait to read the series!
"7 Bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 ghosts" this fun fixer upper mystery is from the A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery and it was really tough to put down.  From page one I was all in! I felt a kinship to main character Alison Kerby. The way E.J. Copper writes her and her relationship with her 9 year old had me in the first paragraph! Having an almost 9 year old myself, I found the relationship of mother and daughter to be spot on and hysterical. The book is written really well and with outrageously fun characters living and dead.

What surprised me most  about this book was how much I missed it and thought about it when I was not reading. Trying to figure out the mysteries as well as having that feeling like I was  wanting to help with the renovations on going in this book, I actually had to stop and go, this is a book not actually someone you know at least twice. This book is fun, it is suspenseful and it is now one of my most favorite series I have found in 2016 with already 7 books in the series book 8 will be out in December called Spouse On Haunted Hill I have lots of reading to catch up on! If you love reading fall themed books then Night of the Living Deed is one you have to have! 

I highly recommend ordering and reading this book. You can find it on The Book Depository with Free Shipping by clicking here. 
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