Saturday, October 22, 2016

On My Table and In My Cup October 15th -22nd

Saturday is here again and much has happened this week I wish I could just forget, some weeks are like that and this one was one I wont be sad to see go.  Even though there were things out of my control this week and that left me longing for calmer seas, I was very grateful to have had some wonderful  books to read and escape to this week. I do not feel it is wrong to escape with a great book and actually I wish others could find that joy and release in a book as I do, but you dear reader already know that. So with out further melodrama here are some of the wonderfully written books that I have had the pleasure of having on my table this week.

Monday I was thrilled to be able to share my review of Casket Cache, this book by Canadian Author Janice J Richardson was one I wont soon forget. The idea of a cozy built around a funeral home business was one I thought could be awkward, however what I found was a thoughtful and beautiful written serene cozy that I can not wait to read the next book. One to read for sure!
Betty Hechtman's Hooking For Trouble was fun, it was a great addition to the series with surprises I was not expecting and an ending that is not to be missed!
The Good The Bad and The Guacamole, by Rebecca Adler was a good family centered cozy with a great title. I enjoyed this taste of Texas cozy and I hope you will give this book a try as well.
Vicki Delany's We Wish You A Murderous Christmas is the second in her year round Christmas mystery series, this one is actually set at Christmas time and is out November 1st, a great book to kick of the crazy holiday season and one that will make you happy for the holiday stress you do have and that you are not Merry!
With Halloween right around the corner it was a delightful escape to have Susan Boles Death of a Wolfman to read this week. I enjoyed the dialog so much in this book, it really stood out and endeared the characters to me, Lily Gayle Lambert is a great main character and this is a series I am looking forward too reading more of.
A new cozy on my table Friday morning, Death and First Sight the first in a new series by Lena Gregory. This  is a review I will have for you tomorrow.

In my cup this week I have been enjoying a lot of black tea, thinking I should switch to some of my more winter like herbals and add a few more of my favorites back into the mix. I found this quote earlier in the week and I loved it and the photo, today I wanted to share.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a week in review.

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