Monday, December 19, 2016

The Square Life Of Emily Duggan by Lorraine McNeight

It is a season of memories. As many of you know by now I am moving in a few short days and leaving an area I have called home since 1977. Though I am not moving that far, it does feel like a world away. I have the most amazing neighbors, friends and family here who have made up many of the most happy memories I have. 

 I have talented neighbors too. I came home after a long walk in the snow Sunday to find a wrapped gift at my door.  Author Lorraine McNeight is a neighbor of mine. Her new book The Square Life Of Emily Duggan is an incredibly touching book. What a gift this story was to read on this very snowy Sunday.  This is a very moving story about life in all its glory, triumphs and turbulence. Beautifully written and spanning generations, knit beautifully together in such a lovely way. The story of Emily Duggan begins at a very young age and spans all the important and poignant parts of life. This was so very easy to picture, each character, and setting. From her parents, to the farm, her brothers, sisters, friends. I loved that Lorraine touched on the important and unexpected people who come into your life at times when you need them the most, and who when they leave impressions on your heart but do so without much pomp and circumstance. Quietly and often in the most painful ways, leaving only memories to fill the void. Written with compassion and care this novel is a wonderful read.

Emily Duggan leads a simple life, filled with family and friends. All of her memories are knitted into a blanket, which comforts her in times of tragedy, and keeps her warm as needed. This story reflects an ordinary life, nevertheless lived to the full.

You can find The Square life of Emily Duggan by Lorraine McNeight on Amazon by clicking here.
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