Thursday, April 26, 2018

Birthday Blessings from my yard to yours...

Today is my birthday, I actually share my birthday with twin nieces who turn 11 today, I am a little older than 11 myself... This week has been a great one weather wise and I managed to get the back yard into a place where I can sit and enjoy, entertain and ponder, and hopefully inspire me to write more. The warmer weather is welcome though the season allergies I could do with out.
 I put my tea tent up with a little help from two of my boys yesterday though I have not yet decorated it as I normally do, I am setting it up slightly different this year and my hope is to get some outdoor lighting for the tent this year.
I got to hang clothes on the line as well this week. My 10 year old was helping by taking photos of the tent getting put up. Sadly this is me and I am sticking my tongue out at him. All in good fun, we have a beautiful view of the mountains from the tea tent as you may be able to see in the background of the photo.
Tuesday morning  stopped into a local Sally Anne Thrift store and found this lovely! I love the lemons, my mother used to bake me a pie every year, a lemon meringue pie to be exact, so I could not let this $4.99 tea tray stay behind. My mom always made me pie because well we have lots of April birthdays and by the time mine rolled around we were all ready for something different. I will be having pie today, and cake too!

I also bought this tea tray for $1.99 at Sally Anne as well. Ever since I was looking after my dad post op and his wonderful neighbor brought me dinner on a tray similar to this, I feel in love. I am so glad I found this one and used it to bring my soup and sandwich down to my outdoor patio table and chairs for lunch Tuesday.
 Instead of putting the small table and chairs under the tea tent this year I put them near the raspberry bushes, it's lovely there at lunch time.
Thank you for joining me today for a cup of tea and for sharing a bit of my birthday week with me.
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