Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Forest for the Trees by P. Bodi

In March I discovered P Bodi short cozy mysteries and I am really excited that I did. These are very well written cozy short mysteries that you can truly read while watching tv or on a break at work. This book Forest for the Trees, I enjoyed because the main character was easy to relate to and had a grittiness about her I liked. It was not a lack of confidence but a sense of purpose she had that I liked and related too. I think I would really enjoy reading others in this series. A great cozy mystery short.

Angela Crawford returned to her home town of Millerston to work in the family lumber business after going through a difficult divorce. She had always considered herself to be a strong woman, but just as she was starting to get comfortable in her new surroundings her ex suddenly shows up in town. Could his visit result in murder?
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