Friday, April 24, 2020

Evil By The Sea by Kathleen Brdge

I was so honored to get to read an advanced reading copy from Net Galley, Evil By The Sea, the latest in Kathleen Bridge's By The Sea Mystery Book series. Book Four Evil by The Sea is being released on May 5th and is in my opinion a must read! I fell in love with this series with book one and book four builds on the dynamic characters, picturesque setting and warm fuzzy feelings of a truly great cozy mystery. This mystery surrounds a small family wedding,which is coinciding with a mermaid festival that sounds truly delightful right about now. I love the banter between the characters and B.B. the Parrot, who offers great comic relief. I found myself transported and among friends in Evil By The Sea. A great escape cozy for troubling times.

Island life can get pretty weird. Wiccan weddings, psychic brides, mermaid parades, eccentric parrots . . . Novelist Liz Holt has gotten used to it since moving back to the barrier island of Melbourne Beach, Florida, and once again working in her family's hotel and emporium, the Indialantic by the Sea. But one thing she'll never get used to is murder. Groom-to-be and leader of the Sunshine Wiccan Society, white warlock Julian Rhodes is poisoned at his rehearsal dinner on the hotel's sightseeing cruiser. His psychic bride, Dorian Starwood, never saw it coming. An old friend of Liz's great-aunt Amelia, the celebrity psychic engages Liz to find out who intended to kill her intended. With her Macaw, Barnacle Bob, squawking "Pop Goes the Weasel" at Dorian's pet ferret, and the streets teeming with mermaids in tails, Liz has got to wade through the weirdness and cast a wide net for the killer—before she's the next one to sleep with the fishes . . .

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