Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tea Time With Ken and Barbie...

This week with my Amazon order I decided that naked Ken should get some clothes. I bought him a few years back for my nieces to play at my place while I was babysitting them and the Ken I bought at the dollar store came only in his swim trunks. So he was long over due for an outfit, somehow though I found a fun set of Ken sized clothes from Amazon which were a bit like a surprise pack and I am really excited with what was sent.
Now I can sew but honestly for what I paid for these Ken sized clothes I could not replicate the quality nor make the shoes they included! Such a deal!
I love how the clothing fits and how modern my Ken Doll looks, perfectly dressed for Barbie Play Time Tea.
Thanks for joining me here for a cup of tea with Ken and a look at his new wardrobe. I am truly having fun with these posts and am glad you have indulged my inner child by joining us here today.
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  1. I thought of you and your blog today while paging through the new 2020 Hallmark Keepsake catalog. There are some great Barbie ornaments every year but this year there is a really gorgeous vintage style one in a pretty purple dress. Here, I went and copied the name of it: Barbie™ Violette™ Porcelain and Fabric Ornament. So pretty!

  2. How fun is that! Great find.