Monday, April 27, 2020

Surprise Birthday Tea Party For One

Yesterday, my birthday,  around 11 am, I decided it would be best to get a shower in, I started to run the shower and heard an unexpected knock at my door. Wrapped in my towel, I opened the door to three smiling nieces, standing way back and offering me their hand made cards and a bag containing a tea party for one from Vancouver's Secret Garden Tea Room.
My sister who lives here and my sister who lives in London, arranged a take out order and picked it up to bring me to enjoy! I did not even realize that my nieces and nephews in London (and brother in law) were on Facetime on the phone and saw me in my towel! I was completely shocked and surprised. I absolutely loved everything in the special bag. The sandwiches were perfect, the scones delightful and the treats spectacular.  My sister for the last 10 years has made me lemon pie for my birthday, he birthday is the week before mine and when our mom died, she continued to make me the lemon pie my mom used too.  She made them into tarts for me to fit the theme.
Even with social distancing, I had a very enjoyable birthday. A friend and her daughter dropped of a gift bag, and my new upstairs neighbor, dropped me off this lovely plant. Thank you to all who reached out and made me feel appreciated and special on my birthday.
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