Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nothing on my table this week As I have been Traveling, but lots in my cup August 1st - 8th Tour of Celestial Seasonings In Boulder Colorado A Must Do For Tea Lovers

This is me, in a hair net and totally over the moon to have been able to tour the Celestial Seasonings Tea Facility In Boulder Colorado. Not my best photo ever but likely one of the most fun afternoons I have had so far on this trip.
I love the art work on all the boxes all so cozy and perfect with a cozy mystery. While I could not take photos inside the factory the tour was quite something, about 20 mins and well worth the time. Every tea that Celestial Seasonings makes is blended, made, packaged and shipped from their Boulder Colorado location. It is their only location so every sip of Celestial Seasoning Tea is from the very spot I stood in their factory today!
I loved tasting the new teas and loved the Watermelon Lime Zinger Iced tea. So much so that I purchased 6 boxes and can not wait to serve it at my next tea party!
If you happen to have this tea at your local store pick it up, place 8 bags into your pitcher, cover it with boiling hot water, let it steep for 6-8 mins add 1/2 cup of white sugar to taste and then fill your pitcher with water and ice. Then enjoy!
I bought myself this tea pot while I was there and it is huge. I can not wait to show you what I mean when I get home but it is about as tall as my laptop and it is wide too! Can not wait to have this to show you on my table at home!
I really wanted to bring home the Owl teapot too as he was stunning but had to leave him behind do to lack of space but I did pick up another beautiful pot and cup and saucer that I will share when I get home!

All in all this visit was spectacular. I learned lots and enjoyed sampling the new tea flavors and the old standbys too! They had a fantastic gift store, tea shop and book store! I highly recommend stopping in if you ever find yourself in Boulder Colorado! Click here to learn more about Celestial Seasonings and Their Free Tours.
Thank you for joining me this week on A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery I look forward to sharing more fun finds from the road as I travel this up coming week as well.
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  1. Hi Karen, Love the teapot you bought! The owl is exquisite.....
    The tour and shops sound like fun, glad you are having such a swell time. Keep thinking about us, love to read your blogs and see you posts on FB.

    1. It was a blast, I really wish I could explain just how big these are and how big the owl one was, If you think of a 4 slice toaster then double it for height.....massive and fantastic, had he been smaller I would have got him for sure but he may have required his own seat on the ride home. I could have gone crazy there! Okay I really did....

  2. It is only half over now! On to South Dakota Monday!

  3. What a marvelous destination! I googled the factory, explored their website, and marveled at the images. I noticed tea flavors I'd never heard of, and the artwork was astounding! Check your Facebook page...I posted my favorite art for Black Cherry Berry tea. I've added this place on my USA Bucket List.