Thursday, August 6, 2015

Third Book Is A Charmer With Death Of An English Muffin by Victoria Hamilton

I finished book three,  Death of an English Muffin while driving between Oregon and Idaho and this was my favorite of the Merry Muffin Mysteries thus far. It was full of unexpected wonder and packed with enough juicy pieces to satisfy and leave you longing for another chapter. I really wished this story would not end. I pre ordered my book from The Book Depository and this is a series I started reading last year and one I have come to love.
I am amazed how Victoria Hamilton adds so much depth to her stories and characters with the huge range in ages of the major players in each story. I feel so involved and apart of the community. I can picture so well the Library where character Hannah works, when the part came in the book where Merry talks about donating her grandmothers mysteries to the library I caught myself thinking for a split second that I should round up some of mine and send them...realizing of course this is a fictional library, but still, seed planted!
This mystery story had so many wonderful levels and I really enjoyed the story, the sub plot and the under laying romance. I can picture the castle and the wonderful tea parties Merry hosts, the daily muffins and the wonderful meals she was preparing for her guests. I really felt quite at home in this story and highly recommend this series.  To learn more about this series please click here.

Thank you for your patience with me in posting as I travel for the next few days. Please forgive me of any mistakes for as I write this I have been driving (as a passanger) in the car for more then 12 hours today.  I have some exciting things planned and have already traveled through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and am staying put here in Colorado for a few days. I have my fingers crossed on visiting Celestial Seasonings Tea Company While I am here as well as a few other recommended places.

Thank you for joining me for a Cup of Wynter Castle Tea and A Great Cozy Mystery.
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