Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stash Tea! A Welcome Surprise At My Hotel And In My Cup!

Stash Tea has long been a favorite of mine and I was thrilled to find such a great selection in my hotel!

Stash Tea is located in Oregon and if you have you ever wanted to try I can highly recommend these 4 flavors and their Christmas Morning Tea is my most favorite I highly recommend it!
Next trip through I need to stop here!

Stash Tea Retail Store (Tigard, Oregon)

Regular Hours:11 AM–6 PM, Monday-Friday 
11 AM–5 PM, Saturday & Sunday 
See our holiday hours» 

7250 SW Durham Rd, Bldg J 
Tigard, OR 97224 USA 
Fax: 503-684-4424 

Off to another bookstore now and hopefully to find a new tea! Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery today!
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  1. Stash tea...I'll check it out, IF you check out Tea Forte. 😆.

    1. I have tried Tea Forte in the past, I do prefer loose leaf tea but I have tried their bagged kind before.

  2. I like Stash teas too, they are readily available. Did you go to Powell's? The big used/new bookstore around Portland?

    1. Love Powells! Seriously amazing that store is! I have been to two of them. Love it! Book Lovers Dream!

  3. How did I miss the Stash Tea store, my sister lived just down the street from them.

    1. I am kicking myself for not going, I did not realize until too late that i had missed the store and we were too far south!