Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pearl Street Musings...

I had the good fortune of walking Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado and my favorite and first stop was the Boulder Book Store. It has three amazing levels of books and was a very charming store.
I enjoyed browsing the shelves and the books in this store and even purchased a fun tea themed card.
Just down the block slightly from the Boulder Book Store is Ku Cha House a tea shop and tea room that is worth stopping in for. It was busy in this shop that looks so small from the outside and opens in to a huge high end loose leaf tea shop with sitting area in the back. Find out more about Ku Cha House by clicking here.

Where ever I go it is not hard for me to stumble upon fun bookstores and tea it seems this was a fun way to spend the morning in Rocky Mountain Morning in Boulder and yes they have a breakfast blend of tea called just that! Click here to view their selection of black teas. I also liked that they had an area where you could try your hand at blending your own tea flavors. It was a very cool shop!

Well this is where I leave you today and Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery today. I will be traveling somewhere new this week and look forward to sharing more fun finds from the road.
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  1. What a marvelous trip! I love exploring unique book shops when I Barnes & Noble when I vacation. The Ku Cha House? I'd love to blend my own tea... Kathleen's Citrus Berry "The Kat's Meow!