Friday, May 11, 2018

Fancy Friday Finds- On The Compact Size and Inspired ideas for Tea lovers...

Today's finds are fancy and compact. I really am interested in the Tiny House Movement, small homes and campers. That being said I would find it very hard to part with my teacup collection and many of my other things so though I am fascinated by the idea of downsizing and smaller footprint living, I am not sure at this time I could make that change in my life, 5 of us in a tiny home may not work but 5 of them maybe! I was looking through the tea section of Etsy and this amazing tea station caught my eye. Compact and sleek I love the look.
Prodsdesigns Etsy shop carries this made to order and not inexpensive but very cool tea station and you can take a look at it in shop by clicking here. 
The idea that I could have a tiny Victorian to live in or have tea in is quite a charming idea, while this looks like a childs play house it is actually plans for a two level house but not plumed. Still would be great as a guest cottage or a reading and tea escape. Find the listing for the plans at WilliamHaigDesign Etsy shop by clicking here.
I have added this vintage beauty to today's post because I would really like it. This is a Samovar, one cup, pewter tea or hot water dispenser and it is cute as can be! I found this in the Suite22 Etsy shop and you can view it by clicking here. 

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