Sunday, September 6, 2015

Eva Gates Booked For Trouble A Library Lighthouse and Apartment, I am ready to move in!

I stayed up late last night to finish reading Booked for Trouble by Eva Gates. This is the second book in the Lighthouse Library Mystery series and a very enjoyable read. This book picks up where the first one By Book or By Crook left off and this summer based story was the perfect long weekend read. The story focus on main character Lucy who has moved to live and work at the Bodie Island Lighthouse as a librarian and gets the added bonus of living on site! How wonderful would that be!
In this story her mother visits from Boston and stirs up a whole mess of trouble for Lucy.
Lucy who has become quite settled and adjusted in Outer Banks has no desire to return to Boston and marry to please her mother. As in all cozy mystery stories a Murder occurs and Lucy and her mother get tangled in the story. Lucy fights to not only stay in Outer Banks and build her life at the Lighthouse but also for her relationship with her mother.

This is a good read, story about mothers and daughters and life all wrapped up in a cozy mystery.
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