Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Lesson in Deceit by Gillian Larkin

A Lesson In Deceit by Gillian Larkin is a lovely British cozy mystery that is a perfect read for on the go. This short story is a mother's delight as well,  with the main character visiting her son at university. Stumbling over dead bodies is her curse and it seems the curse has followed her to Scotland. I very much enjoyed this cozy mystery short. I was thrilled to find this first in series free on Amazon Kindle. I think I would love this series.

Julia Blake’s First Murder Mystery. You can get free copies of the next two stories in this series by signing up to her newsletter at Julia Blake runs her own cleaning business. The first time she sees a dead body is when she discovers one of her clients, Mark Castle, lying dead on the floor of his luxury apartment.She remembers things that Mark mentioned to her a few days before his death, things he was worried about.A bottle of pills is lying open at Mark’s side, but they’re not his usual ones.And why is his computer playing a continuous game?Julia soon suspects that Mark was murdered. He was a good friend and she is determined to find out who killed him.

You can find A Lesson in Deceit by Gillian Larkin on Amazon by clicking here.
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