Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Secret of Chestnut Hall by Olivia Swift

Last night I read The Secret of Chestnut Hall by Olivia Swift. This is a book I got on and one that I chose as it was a cozy mystery short. I admit I chose it for its cover and I really liked the story. The mystery was a good one too, lots of good twists and turns. Great characters that even though this was a short story, I still felt like I got to know the characters and felt like I really want to read more so I can learn more about the supporting characters in future stories. At one point I thought the author was going to take us on a predictable journey but I was surprised and pleased at just how wrong I was. A good little read and one I would pick another book in the series in a heartbeat .

A contract to restore an old garden and a handsome client…what more could a girl ask for? Well, a good mystery of course!Jasmine Summer – or ‘Jazz” as her friends and family call her, takes on a contract to restore an intriguing old garden for her client, Evan Sutherland. Evan – He’s quite a famous mountaineer who is trying to leave behind a shattered life and an ex-wife that almost ruined him. Chestnut Hall – Evan’s house and garden have a mysterious past that intrigues Jazz and Evan. The discovery of a secret grotto leads them both into situations that they would never have dreamed about …and into unforeseen dangers. Will Evan be able to leave his past behind? What dangers lie within the grotto? Will there be a happy ending for Jazz and Evan?   

This book is out now and you can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

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