Sunday, March 11, 2018

Murder At The Movies by Liz Turner

Don't let the cover fool you Murder at the Movies by Liz Turner is a serious and good cozy mystery short that takes place in the 1950's. I very much enjoyed this cozy mystery short with a main character who is a doctor assisting the police in a complicated crime and mystery. The cover made me think this was a modern day mystery, however the cute cover should be overlooked for the content that awaits you. I am glad I took a chance on this cozy mystery and I think you might enjoy it as well. This one is out now and on Amazon. 
It’s a chilly November night in 1952. Doctor Hallie Malone has been cajoled into taking a break from her work at Warrenton Hospital to see a showing of the new musical film Singin’ in the Rain with her giddy housekeeper, Cindy Christopher. But the night does not go as planned when a fire breaks out and the theater quickly evacuated. Thankfully, Hallie makes it out alive, but someone else wasn’t so lucky. After the fire department confirms that the fire was started deliberately, it’s up to Hallie as the acting M.E. and Sergeant Jackson to find and expose the culprit before they strike again. What starts as a straightforward case of arson becomes a wild goose chase as Hallie follows one strange lead after another.Doctor Malone and Sergeant Jackson soon find themselves out of their element, thrust into the world of luxury hotels, black tie events, and high-society dinners. Will money and status prove to be more valuable than the truth? Can they unravel the web of lies to reveal the killer and finally bring closure to their small town?

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