Monday, March 19, 2018

Stinging Nettle, Spearmint and Wild Strawberry Tea from Mr. Bannock Indigenous Cuisine...

This past week I had a few particularly wonderful finds. One was the most lovely and refreshing herbal teas I have ever had from my favorite local Food Truck. Mr. Bannock,  here in North Vancouver and the other is the beautiful blue Aynsley Teacup from a local Charity Shop.

When I first was given the tea to try from local Chef Paul Natrall of Mr. Bannock  I was excited by how the tea smelled, I was so thrilled when the tea tasted exactly as it smelled! This delicate blend of Stinging nettle, spearmint and wild strawberry makes an incredibly refreshing tea both hot or cold! (Logo doesn't appear in the cup, but with a touch of magic it does in mine)
Mr. Bannock's food truck is a delight and his Indian Tacos are my most favorite. If you are ever in Vancouver you need to come try his menu and the tea especially! Click here to learn more about Mr. Bannock and where you can track down the food truck and this wonderful tea! 
My new blue teacup is lovely to sip this tea from and I was very excited to bring it home.
Mia was too! A great find at $8 don't you think?
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