Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A (Gingerbread) Diorama of Death by Gin Jones

Well last night I read a short cozy called A (Gingerbread) Diorama of Death by Gin Jones. This is a free download or was on December 19th. This 57 paged book was exactly what I needed after a long day of shoveling snow. This is not a series I knew but was drawn to the cover and title. Perfectly matched to the lovely mystery attached to it. I very much enjoyed the idea of a gingerbread contest in a local nursing home. The small town politics, people and places that cozy mysteries champion and cozy readers love. I was guessing until the reveal and this story made me want to read more of this story and learn more about the characters in the story. A good holiday cozy short and treat to have had on my table with my tea and cookies.

How could something as sweet and wholesome as a gingerbread-house contest lead to a murder investigation? Just include the ex-first-lady of Massachusetts, Helen Binney, on the judging panel and require a unanimous decision for the prizes. The other judges are dampening Helen's Christmas spirit, and she's beginning to think that someone involved in the contest is a killer targeting her friends at the nursing home. Could it be the local politician who would do anything to hold onto her power, the wealthy invalid who guilts people into acting against their own beliefs, or the male nurse who looks a lot more like a bodyguard/assassin? Helen is determined to find out, no matter how many cookies she has to crumble! Helen Binney Mysteries:A Dose of Death – book #1A Denial of Death – book #2A (Gingerbread) Diorama of Death – holiday short storyA Draw of Death – book #3A Dawn of Death – book #4A Darling of Death – book #5

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