Monday, December 25, 2017

So This Is Christmas...

It is here again, Christmas morning and here on the west coast we have leftover snow from last Tuesday so it is a White Christmas here.  The above is a selfie I took after performing the "ritual of the gifts", cold in my living room so wearing my reading blanket as a shall.

I hope that when you woke this morning that you were comfortable, and that you are in a place of comfort even in the Christmas morning Chaos.

I try not to have an overly complicated Christmas, the keyword is try. There are these things in life that I now call "Plot Twists" that kept popping in and making things interesting . In trying to keep things simple, life often steps in and takes over. Like the flu, or a snowfall that was unexpected or my crown and tooth attached that popped out last week after only a few months...

In the hype and sensory overload of the holidays I try very much to take the bad with the good and found myself going out of the way to avoid things that usually cause me a great deal of anxiety.  I have also had some truly wonderful friends reach out and help out this holiday season and I will be forever grateful for their support.

I made a point of taking a little more time this year to just listen to things that made me laugh, chose to listen to music that made me more happy, and tried to avoid the news, watched movies that made me feel "Christmassy" and over ate things I truly loved  (even when it did not love me).

"Booked for the Holidays" is an event on my Beyond The Bookmarks page, I have been running full time since the first of December and I can not thank all of you who have joined us since the start of this 24/7 month long celebration on Facebook. A huge thank you to the more than 38+ authors who have joined us and given us their time and some goodies along the way this month so far! Don't forget to drop by and say hello on the event from time to time, the event runs right through until midnight on December 31st.  Click here to come and join in the fun. 

I even wrote and published a short holiday story I shared, here is the link in case you missed it! Click here for Please Use The Guest Towels.

I feel more relaxed this Christmas at least I write this, and yet I am waiting for the other shoe to fall. I am sure I have forgotten something or someone this holiday season and as I write this, having just put out the gifts under the tree I hear the tale tell sounds of paper ripping and notice that our cat Mia who has shown zero interest in the tree until this very moment is working her way through and under the gifts...if the tree comes down too I may laugh and not cry. The above photo I found a bit to late this year, but I am going to start making and handing these out for next year! Simply brilliant!

The stores have long since closed and if I have forgotten anything it is too late anyway. I also know that what is truly important can not be bought, or found under the tree and with that I thank you for spending some of your Christmas day with me.

From my table to yours I wish you all the best that this season has to offer.
Thank you for joining me here for a cup of tea and a Christmas reflection...

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