Friday, December 15, 2017

Fancy Friday Finds New Years...

This made me laugh and wish it came in my size. While the holiday of Christmas fast approaches, not far behind it is New Years Eve. I will be honest and tell you not my most favorite night. SO this shirt made me laugh, if I am up until 9 I would be surprised but at that point it is new years pretty much everywhere else...
This shirt can be ordered on Etsy From StockBerryApparel 
This is a lovely idea as a party gift! I wish I had thought of these! You can order them from PlumbPolkaDot by clicking here. 
I would love this cup so very very much! This is quite something! Offered by  Pretty Pink Addiction This is an Auld Lang Syne Cup from the early 1900's you have to click here to see. 

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