Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Better Homes and Corpses, I Am So Glad I Ordered This First In Series!

I finished Better Homes and Corpses yesterday and I am so very glad I took a chance on this first in series from Kathleeen Bridge. Better Homes and Corpses was such a captivating read that I read 36 of 37 chapters on the first day and left the last one and the recipes to read in the morning after I could  not longer keep my eyes open!

I choose this book to pre order based on the cover art I saw on Facebook and ordered it from The Book Depository a few months ago and it arrived last Friday to my delight!
I enjoyed this mystery and the twists and turns that it took and I was guessing until the end. I found myself surprised when the murder was reveled and was very impressed with how the mysteries unwound.

I also loved that the main character who is a classically strong female cozy mystery lead and is also the first character I have read who has a disability. This disability features in such a positive way and not a cumbersome way that it actually aides in her abilities to investigate!

As a mother of two children with disabilities I was more then thrilled with this aspect of the character and the strong positive message the readers receive about what is like to live with and work with a disability. I like the idea of this character and that  just because someone has a disability is doesn't have to define their every move or dictate all aspects of their life choices.

Main character Meg Barrett is an amazing character who is inquisitive, smart, creative, beautiful and strong. She is not limited or defined because of the disability she has, that is one of the things that stood out most for me about her. This cozy is set in the Hamptons and if this first story is any indication of how the next story will be written I believe this will be a very successful series! Oh and there is a great dog in this series I hope will stick around for many more stories yet to come!
To order this wonderful book from The Book Depository like I did please click here.
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery today and I am back to stalking the mail man while I await another paper back book to read!
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